Mommy Fashion: On the Go Beautiful

When talking about mommy fashion, we’re not talking about bleached out, high waist jeans or scrunchies. We’re talking about looking good in a time crunch and giving yourself the confidence boost you need as a mom to power through your day. That being said, I would like to give you the basics to make you look good, feel great and get those kids out the door!

Some basic wardrobe pieces to invest in (based on what is comfortable for you) if you do not have them already are: straight legged and boot leg jeans, button down shirts, camisoles, flats, a cardigan sweater or two, scarves, statement jewelry and a blazer. This seems like a short list but the possibilities really are endless, trust me!

For example, straight leg jeans or skinny jeans can be worn with a cami under a cardigan topped with a scarf and flats. Boot leg jeans or “boyfriend jeans” work great with plain shirts a belt and sandals on a nice day.

For those moms who think looking and feeling good while taking the kids to school or practice is impossible, think again! It is okay to want your children’s outfits to look flawless and spend a majority of your time getting their stuff together but it is also okay to want nice for yourself as well. With these basic pieces and your creative freedom, there’s no limit to how great you can look! Below, I have an example showing combinations of basic wardrobe combinations- Stay beautiful Mommy’s!




One thought on “Mommy Fashion: On the Go Beautiful

  1. Hi! It took me a minute to figure out how to get to a comment box! I like your blog idea. The header graphic is a little misleading in my opinion. It looks as if it is baby-centric when in reality it is aimed at Mommies. I am a baby boomer (almost gen X) so I am not your target audience but I definitely see the appeal. I like the fact that you tell the Moms they need to think of themselves not just the babies. I think it may be beneficial to add more pictures to break up the text block. I also suggest maybe a bolder color for the headers. All in all, I think it is a solid start to a good blog.


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